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Schnelle Brillen Nederland



'The Faster, The Better'

It all started about five years ago near Amsterdam, where we are from. Together with our friends we went to the parties and festivals and we always thought it was cool when people wore special glasses.

"Fast glasses give you the finishing touch to any outfit, wear it and you will experience the difference!" 

One evening our friends went out fast again until we met a person who had the fastest glasses ever that the idea of Schnelle Brillen was born! 
We've always believed that fast people make better party people, simply because our glasses that take you to the new galaxy, where even Elon Musk hasn't been to.
Our rave shades are available in different speeds, giving you the freedom to choose how fast you want to go in life. :)

Our fast community is growing steadily and we now also support some big names such as the fast rapper Finch Asocial or the fast athlete Julian Reus. Become a fast member too and get one of our fast glasses with which you can quickly draw attention to yourself at any moment!🚀

What people say
Finch Asozial
Schnelle Brillen Schnelle Brille black 200 km/h
Schnelle Brillen Julian Reus
Schnelle Brillen Schnelle Brille black 200 km/h
Flexin Multipla Schnelle Brillen
Schnelle Brillen Schnelle Brille black 200 km/h
Finch Asozial, Schnellste Rapper

I've never felt so schnell before.


Julian Reus, Der Schnellste Deutsche

The fast life is not a choice, it's a lifestyle.



Und überraschend geräumig.


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